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Development History

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THE events:

In 1994
◆In December, the predecessor of Zhejiang Jinyuan Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. ,Fenghua Jinqiu Electronic Components Factory was established;

In 2003
◆In March, the company moved to 51 Tianfeng Rd, Fenghua. and changed the name for Fenghua Jinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.;

In 2006
◆In May, the company invested 10 million yuan to introduce the international advanced packaging automation equipment;

In 2008
◆In January, the company cooperates with Fudan University and Zhejiang University to set up strategic partnerships in production, study and research;

In 2009
◆In January, the company invested 10 million yuan to set up SMD Division;

In 2010
◆In December, the company undertook the project named "National 863 Plan - Efficient Semiconductor Lighting key materials technology research and development";

In 2011
◆In February, the company set up the affiliated "Ningbo Di Hao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.", which is specialized in the development and production of LED application products;
◆In November, LED panel lights in our brand were recognized as brand products in Ningbo;

In 2012
◆In April, the company was selected as the first batch of "Ten cities, ten thousands lights" semiconductor lighting application manufacturer;
◆In September, it won the title of "National High-Tech Enterprise";
◆In September, it won the title of "Ningbo City Enterprise Engineering Technology Center";
◆In December, it set up one million yuan for Charity named fund;

In 2013
◆In March, it was awarded the title of ‘‘Chinese Ningbo lighting quality manufacturers’’;
◆In July, it operated exclusively the China Energy Network;
◆In September, it became the cooperative partner of China (Fenghua) Xuedou Shan Maitreya Cultural Festival;
◆In November, the DHL02-240 LED street light won the title of "2013 Annual glorious quality products" for State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance.

In 2014
◆In August, it upgraded to become Zhejiang Jinyuan Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.;
◆In September, it set up Fenghua professor studio;
◆In September "the new phase-change LED mining lamp key technology development and industrialization" and "high luminous efficiency and long life LED street lights key technology R & D and industrialization" were selected in Ningbo LED support municipal projects;
◆In November, DHL02-240 led street lights were tested by the National Testing Center with "no decay in 10000h";
◆In December, the company's products were included in the "Zhejiang Energy-saving Technologies (Products) Promotion Oriented Catalog."


In 2015

◆In April, the chairman won the title of "Brand Ningbo (industry) Outstanding person"  

◆In April, the phase transformer mining lamp of the company won the third prize of Ningbo Key industrial new product.  

◆In September, was rated as "Zhejiang Industrial and commercial enterprise (credit AA level) :contract-abiding credit unit".  

◆In November, two invention patents were granted.  

◆In December, set up Fenghua enterprise technology and innovation team.  


In 2016

◆In April, the company was rated AAA by the National Enterprise Credit Certification Center.  

◆In June,the company independently developed projection lamp, the overall lighting effect reached above 170LM/W.

◆In July, obtained the qualification of "City and road lighting Engineering Professional Contracting Grade 3".  

◆In December, passed the "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification".


In 2017

◆In March, "Jinyuan" brand won the title of "Consumer favorite Brand".  

◆In March, the chairman won the title of "Brand Ningbo (industry) Outstanding person".  

◆In May, introduced an expert of "Thousand Talents Plan of Zhejiang Province".

◆In August, obtained the certificate of "Grade III Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization".  

◆In September, obtained the title of "Model worker's home" from Ningbo Federation of Laber Unions.    

◆In December, "Jinyuan" LED panel lights were identified as Ningbo famous brand products.

◆In December, Fenghua district major science project "full spectrum LED white light technology research and industrialization" was approved.  


In 2018

◆In February, JYL02 series LED street lamps independently developed by the company were tested by the National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the whole lighting effect reached 189LM /W.

◆In February, the full spectrum series products developed by the company were successfully introduced to the market.  

◆In March, "Jinyuan" brand won the title of "Most innovative brand".

◆In March, the chairman won the title of "Brand Ningbo (industry) Outstanding person".  

◆In May, the company worked with China Communications Construction Company Limited to do the project of Fenghua district urban transformation demonstration zone.    

◆In August, the company won the Longyou City "Ten thousand lights"- LED street lamp procurement project.      

◆In October, the company owned "invention patent -- a lighting fixture with fingerprint recognition and memory function" and "appearance patent -- lantern-type street lamp" won the excellence award of the 14th Ningbo Invention and Innovation Competition.      

◆In November, the company undertook and completed the "provincial model town" lighting project of Xiaowangmiao Street.


In 2019

◆In March, "Jinyuan" brand won the title of "Most potential brand".  

◆In March, the chairman won the title of "Brand Ningbo (industry) Outstanding person".  

◆In March, Jinyuan Party branch won the title of "Five-star grassroots Party organization of Ningbo".  

◆In June, the self-developed JYL02B-100D LED street lamp debuted with the lighting effect of 192.7 LM /W.  

◆In April, the labor union of the company won the title of "Five-star grassroots labor Union of Ningbo".  

◆In August, the company worked with "China State Construction" to do the municipal road project of “Ningbo Life Science City”.

◆In September, company's project of "seven primary colors flexible spectrum intelligent dimming LED lamps" was approved as major science and technology projects in Fenghua District.  

◆In September, the company's LED street lamp passed the "China Energy-saving Product certification" and entered the government procurement list of energy-saving products of the National Development and Reform Commission.

◆In December, high-efficiency and energy-saving LED street lamps: JYL02 products were selected as "Zhejiang Made Fine Products" in 2019.  


In 2020

◆In April, the sun-like LED fluorescent lamp: JYR01-018 was selected as the key independent innovation product of Ningbo.  

◆In September, the company's street lamp project -- Ningbo Airport Road South section: LED intelligent street lamp was selected for the national semiconductor lighting technology application typical case.  

◆In September, the company completed the LED street lamp project of Sanguantang Bridge in Ningbo.

◆In December, “JYL02 150W LED” street lamps of the company were tested by the National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the lamp efficiency was above 200lm/W.


In 2021

◆In January, the company successfully applied for 2021 Ningbo Quality Product Recommended Catalog (the first batch).  

◆In April, "Jinyuan" brand won the title of "Most innovative brand";the chairman was awarded "new talent".

◆In July, JYL02, a high-efficiency and energy-saving intelligent dimming LED street lamp, was awarded the key independent innovation product of Ningbo City.  

◆In October, the company's project "R&D and application:intelligent regulation of fruit and vegetable seedling plant using full spectrum LED"was approved as a major science and technology project in Fenghua District.  




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