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Our vision is:to become a world-class LED enterprise;文化 Our mission is::to create the world's best LED;
Our aim is:the achievement comes first and the theory comes second, to serve customers;
Our spirit is:persistent, challenge, pioneering and innovative;
Our style is:honest, no excuse, optimistic, never give up;
Our principle is:equal before the system;
Our team is:active, pursuit of excellence;
Our gratitude is: a man with a grateful heart, win respect with love;
Our responsibility is:responsible for ourselves, for enterprise and for society;
Our survival concept:only in right way can we survive forever;
Our business philosophy:There is no suffering, there is no success;
Our development philosophy:sacrificing small and accomplishing the great;
Our concept of competition:beyond ourselves, win enemy's soldiers with no fight;
Our sales philosophy:Customer satisfaction is our greatest happiness;
Our salary philosophy:the result is the reward, no outcome is a disgrace;
Our achievements philosophy:constantly exceed targets and create miracles.

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